Philosophy of asian religions

Today, the Christians in India number about 30 million and consist of people from every denomination of Christianity. According to him, the basic teachings of both faiths were essentially the same. These philosophical traditions are also considered as oriental philosophies. Stace is wrong in claiming that Thales is the father of philosophy? Back to Top Hinduism The underlying tenets of Hinduism cannot be easily defined. Indian philosophy was born again and again through interpretations and re-interpretations.

20th WCP: Philosophy in the South Asian Subcontinent: A Unity in Maladjustment

It is claimed that, 'regarding some matters, such as God, the state of liberation, etc. Lord Krishna plays a very important role in this Great Epic. The Sikh religion emerged during the early 16th century in the state of Punjab in North India. In the above discussion I have shown the nature, extent and the causes of the unprogressiveness of philosophy in the South Asian subcontinent. His disciples came together to form a new religious tradition called Sikhism.

Besides natural forces, it is the karma which leads to the occurrence of all events. Thirdly , I suggest that authority should no longer be considered as a source of what we know. Although there is division in some areas of Hinduism, there are many areas in common. Among these, the most fundamental to Hinduism, is the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - creator, preserver and destroyer respectively. Common practices have crept into most religious faiths in India and many of the festivals that mark each year with music, dance and feasting are shared by all communities.
What was once true in the ancient period, may no longer fulfil our thirst for truth. ABSTRACT: Philosophy in the south Asian subcontinent differs from Western philosophy in the following three ways: 1 it is based upon religion; 2 love of tradition becomes an obstacle for philosophical development; and 3 authority is accepted as a source of knowledge. The gods of Hinduism are at once super-human and human and there is distinct feeling of warmth and familiarity towards them. The second cause of the above mentioned failure is our attachment to our heritage. The Guru also decided to terminate the succession of gurus and was thus the last of the Sikh Gurus. This sort of speculations may make one feel proud of the past heritage of Indian philosophy.
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