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The same is true if he wants to go out drinking with friends, with a padlocked girdle proving the perfect way to stop your husband from having too much of a tipple, not to mention keeping him out of other kinds of trouble too. Nevertheless, there are many circumstances where the necessary tools, not to mention opportunities to use them, are simply not available to a man locked in a girdle - when out shopping or travelling, for example, with even a simple trip to town capable of proving punishing for a man who is prevented from using the public conveniences. I've been asked on several occasions how sheer pantyhose can both keep you warm, yet still be cool enough to keep you from overheating, too. Figure 7: A long leg girdle is like a pair of tight cycling shorts, its stiff fabric providing a level of control over my husband's crotch that is second to none. For example, my husband's hips measure a modest 34 inches and his unwomanly waist 30 inches, which, if one looks at the size chart for the long leg girdle we last saw him in, appears to simultaneously require both a small and a large size to fit him - yet the former falls short of his waist measurement by a full four inches, whereas the latter allows an extra six inches for hips he simply doesn't have. Again, a more substantial garment is called for - a good, old-fashioned girdle! Instead, a man who finds a layer of firm fabric between his wife's hand and his hardness will experience only frustration, with his erection kept pressed down between his legs no matter how much it might seek to stretch the stiff material.

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a brief guide to girdles for men: A brief guide to girdles for men

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Could there be a more diabolical kind of chastity belt than one that would allow its wearer to do exactly what he wants, save for its guarantee of punishment? Most people do, in fact, react similarly to my wife's friends, after they've had a chance to have the reason behind it explained rationally. Read Steve's legwear articles in The Examiner. Gussets that fasten by means of studs or hooks may be similarly secured by sewing around their metalwork, ensuring that the wearer's sex stays safely separated from his hands.
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A husband subject to girdle discipline soon learns to develop self-control as far as selfish sexual thoughts are concerned, but the effects of surrendering his crotch to such shapewear don't stop there. In Figure 10, my husband's stockings are held up by raunchy red elastic and clasps taken from a cheap suspender belt, the contrast in colour livening up what would otherwise be a fairly unassuming piece of shapewear. That sees such a garment in danger of slipping down his body, especially once its straps start to be tugged by constantly stretching stockings - something which is a particular problem for taller men having to contend with hosiery poorly suited to their height. From there, the next step is to sew a similar loop into the other side of the girdle. When worn underneath a locked panty girdle, however, a simple pair of pantyhose delivers a subtle, yet devilish twist, giving this shorter style of shapewear the same commanding power over a man's crotch as the long leg girdles we looked at earlier.
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Nevertheless, the girdle's effectiveness at encouraging discipline and its potency as a punishment are such that it should not be allowed to languish at the back of grandmother's lingerie drawer, but instead seriously considered by any woman wanting a way to keep her husband under control. Search This Blog. The tightness with which a correctly-sized girdle clutches its wearer is such that both are required to avoid overly straining either one, with the combination capable of imposing an almost corset-like pressure. How can I do. Because of it's body-hugging characteristic, this insulating layer of air is held securely against the skin, providing an insulating layer. Caught on the horns of this most diabolical dilemma, he'll soon succumb to temptation even without any extra encouragement to take the easy way out - only to rue his decision when he subsequently finds himself having no choice but to exercise self-control if he doesn't want to suffer public shame. A particularly pleasing combination is to have your husband wear a pair of nude pantyhose under his panty girdle, then use the latter's suspender straps to support a pair of stockings more suited to such shapewear.
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